Antweight World Series

Held about three times a year since 1999, the Antweight World Series (AWS) is now well established as the main competition for Antweights.

There are various websites at which you can find out about the latest AWS. A few are:

Past World Series

You can find pictures, and of course the results from all the past Antweight World Series at the following address:

Other Events

As mentioned on the main page, the Reading Robot Club (RRC) event is also a popular one for Antweights. All of these events are well run and are always very well attended. More information on RRC can be found at:

A community project to provide a central source of information about Antweights. Anybody can add information, and everyone is welcome to contribute.

We have made two Antweights, Bobblebot (in 2003) and Myth, which is currently being built and will hopefully be completed in time to take part in events towards the end of 2010.

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