The Fighting Robot Association

The FRA was established in 2003 to represent the interests of roboteers and provide a central resource of information for live events and robot building.

They are continuing the work where Robot Wars left off, promoting the sport of robotic combat around the globe. They are also keeping us in touch with robotic governing bodies in other countries such a Belgium and the Netherlands.

The FRA's Aims

  • Promotion and education of all things to do with fighting robots, of all weights.
  • To provide consistency with regard to open event safety, arenas and robot build rules.
  • To endeavor to insure the members against public liability questions.
  • To centralise communications, in effect be a library of contacts and to promote the sport.
  • To encourage the set up of regional meeting clubs that are either part of the FRA or affiliated to the FRA.
  • To represent roboteer's interests in negotiations with other bodies.
  • To generally make the roboteer's lot a better one.

Visit the Fighting Robot Association's website at: and support them too.