Radio Control Gear

The radio control (R/C) systems that Antweights use are worthy of a closer look because they are much smaller than the other robot weight classes.

Micro R/C equipment is much more expensive than normal R/C stuff because it is smaller and therefore more difficult to make. Standard receivers weigh about 50-75 grams which is up to half an Antweights total weight! Some of the receivers Antweights use weigh as little as 8 grams making them much more suitable for using in tiny robots.

Unfortunately in the model making world, smaller and lighter usually means more expensive. When you buy a standard R/C set you typically get a Transmitter (TX), a Receiver (RX) and a various assortment of servos. You should also get a battery pack (usually a 9.4 volt NiCd pack).

The only things that will be useful in this set will be the transmitter and possibly the servos and the receiver if you only want to build a pusher with no weapons. If you are looking at including a weapon of some sort on your Antweights then you will need to buy smaller lighter servos and a receiver.

In Antweights the R/C gear is usually the singly most expensive part to buy when building Antweights. Generally speaking the transmitter is about £70 all on its own although older models do come down in price after a while.

There are a million and one places to buy R/C stuff from and our list given on the page above is a good place to look. Our best advice is to shop around and don't always buy all your equipment from the same place. Look for the best deals and take your time in selecting the right model for you. By taking your time and also buying your components separately you could save more money than you might think!

Latest Technology

In the last couple of years, Antweights have benefited from advancements in Radio Control technology. In particular, lighter and smaller receivers and controllers have made it easier to fit in all the necessary components into the Antweight 4 inch size limit. These new devices take up less room and less weight, resulting in the builder being able to create more powerful weaponry and drive systems.

Another large change is the rise in availability of radio control gear operating on the 2.4GHz frequency band. Previously, Antweights tended to operate on the standard 40MHz frequencies which were prone to interference due to the large variety of devices that operate on that frequency. Switching to 2.4GHz sets has vastly reduced interference and improved the reliability and range of the signal used by the robots.

There are a few popular 2.4GHz sets used by Antweight builders:

Generally, the Spektrum and Planet 5 are considered the best ones to get if you can afford them, however the Radio Link set has also had some very positive reviews and is ideal if you have a tight budget. The Radio Link set is a fairly recent discovery, and there is an ongoing discussion on its merits and drawbacks on the RW101 forum.

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