Frequently Asked Questions

This page hopefully answers some of the many questions that are commonly asked about Antweights.

1) How do I build an Antweight?
2) Where do I start?
3) Can't I just convert a small R/C car?
4) What do I need?
5) Do I need any R/C knowledge?
6) Can you make me make my antweight?
7) What other good antweight sites are there?
8) Where do you get antweight parts from?
9) How much does it cost to build an antweight?
10) Where can I pick up a copy of the rules?

1) How Do I Build An Antweight?
There are various guides on the web to tell you how to build a Antweight from scratch or you could be a Antweight starter kit from RobotWars101 (see our links page).

2) Where do I start?
Once you have read this site, go here.

3) Can't I just convert a small R/C car?
Technically yes, although it isn't advised. Many people see this as the easy option out of putting together an ant from scratch. The reality is it is much harder, and it will not work as effectively as one built from scratch. You will need to modify the receiver and try and find a way to change the frequency crystals between battles so you not clash with someone else's ant. In fact it is usually easier to build an Antweight from scratch, rather than do dozens of tiny modifications to a small remote control car.

4) What do I Need?
The basic two wheel pusher needs the following:

One receiver
Two servos for drive
You will also need a Transmitter to control it with.

That should get it going, and you should have plenty of weight left over to think about armour and a weapon.

5) Do I Need Any R/C Knowledge?
It helps, but it is not necessary. Anyone can build an Antweight. However, if you have limited or no previous R/C knowledge then I recommend getting the Antweight Starter Pack from's Antweight Shop. This will greatly simplify the process of connecting the components.

6) Can you help me make an Antweight?
Unfortunately, we do not have the time to make other Antweights for other people. We can give plenty of advice though. The best way to learn is to read through this site, and then have a look at the related links list to the right of the page and visit those sites. All of them offer lots of useful guides and advice.

7) Are there any good Antweight sites out there?
Loads! Check out our links page for a list for sites that will provide help for you building your Antweight.

8) Where do you get Antweight parts from?
Check out our links page for a list of all the best places to get Antweight parts from.

9) How Much Does It Cost To Build An Antweight?
Anywhere from £30 to £250+ depending on how complicated you want it to be. For your average ant, you should look at about £150.

10) Where can I pick up a copy of the rules?
The latest version of the Antweight rules can be found at or by clicking here.

A community project to provide a central source of information about Antweights. Anybody can add information, and everyone is welcome to contribute.

We have made two Antweights, Bobblebot (in 2003) and Myth, which is currently being built and will hopefully be completed in time to take part in events towards the end of 2010.

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