Myth is our latest Antweight and is currently being designed and built. Hopefully, it will be ready to take part in competitions later in 2010.

Initial Ideas

Myth is considerably more ambitious than our previous Antweight, Bobblebot. The current plan is to make use of the much lighter motors and batteries that have come about since Bobblebot was designed to create a four wheel drive, full body spinner (FBS). In theory at least this is feasible however building a FBS is never easy, due to the immense forces that act upon it when contact is made with another robot. This was evident in Robot Wars, where the only successful full body spinner was Typhoon 2 which won Series 7.

Myth Statistics

These are subject to change as the build progresses and problems are encountered, causing things to be altered!

  • Weight - around 150g
  • Length - 100mm
  • Width - 100mm
  • Height - 20mm
  • Speed - Unknown
  • Drive - 4 Micro geared motors
  • Weapon - Full body spinner powered by an baby Outrunner brushless motor.