AWS Official Rules

The Antweight World Series (and in fact all events for Antweights) follow the Official Rules, which are maintained by the AWS committee.

The latest version (which at the time of writing is version 4.1) of these rules can always be found here:

Antweight Rules Overview

The rules for Antweights differ slightly from the rules for the heavier weight categories. The biggest change is that, unlike any other weight class, Antweights are limited to a size no bigger than a 4 inch cube. The other key rules for Antweights are outline below:

  • Robots motivated by rotary motion are limited to 0.15kg (150g and robots motivated by non-rotary motion (i.e. walkers, shuffle-bots) are limited to 0.225kg (225g)
  • The arena will be a raised platform 30" (762mm) square with at least 50% being a "drop off" area.
  • A robot must be capable of being contained within a 4" (101.6mm) cube prior to competition, from which it may be placed directly into the arena without any modifications being made to it.

The rules used cover things like the armour thickness on the Antweights, which was also restricted, however recently these limitations have been removed and no longer apply. Important information about how you should keep any sharp edges covered when the robot is outside the arena and keep safe in general is also included, so it goes without saying that before you start to build an Antweight, ensure you have a good read through the rules.

A community project to provide a central source of information about Antweights. Anybody can add information, and everyone is welcome to contribute.

We have made two Antweights, Bobblebot (in 2003) and Myth, which is currently being built and will hopefully be completed in time to take part in events towards the end of 2010.

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