Building an Antweight

The following pages have been written to help out people who are new to the world of Antweights.

Firstly, you will need to know the rules well, as you will not get anywhere unless your Antweights comply with them. Follow the link below to download your copy of the rules.

The Cost Of Building An Antweight

If this is going to be your first ant, then you probably won't have any of the electrical parts needed just lying around, hence you will have to buy them. Another common misconception when dealing with Antweights is that they are very cheap to build. That may be true for a few Antweights, but most cost at least £100 upward.

Here is a basic table showing you the cost of making an average Antweight robot:

Item Cost
Drive Servos x 2 £30 - 40
Lightweight Receiver (Rx) £30
Battery £20
Weapon Servo £30
R/C Transmitter (Tx) £60 - 70
Extras £10
TOTAL £160.00

As you can see, you are looking at approximately £160+ for your first Antweight although there have been ants that have been known to of cost as little as £30. Generally, if you have some of the parts you need (servos etc) already lying around then that will go a long way in keeping costs down.

A community project to provide a central source of information about Antweights. Anybody can add information, and everyone is welcome to contribute.

We have made two Antweights, Bobblebot (in 2003) and Myth, which is currently being built and will hopefully be completed in time to take part in events towards the end of 2010.

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