Myth Build Diary

Myth is currently being built, and updates of the progress that is being made will be posted here.

Myth Build Continues

Well, after a hiatus lasting approximately 1174 days (or if you prefer, a little over three years) the Myth build is set to continue next week. I will be posting regular updates and pictures on the Team Bobblebot Twitter account throughout, and will write up some more detailed posts to put on here afterwards.

At present I have sourced all the components I need, with the exception of some new batteries. Just need the new speed controllers and the 3D printed chassis to arrive now before things can get started!.

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Christmas 2009: Final Parts Arrive

The brushless motor, brushless controller and new LiPo batteries arrived to join the Sanyo motors and Sozbots controller I already had. I also got a LiPo charger from Overlander, which I will try out soon. Still haven’t got a 2.4Ghz radio set yet, but the prices have fallen rapidly in the last couple of years so I will probably purchase one soon. Now all I need is the materials to construct something out of and I can get going!

The chassis will be will be as minimal as possible in order to keep the weight down. A quick calculation shows that all the components I intend to use come in under the weight limit, however that doesn’t take into account the weight of extras like nuts and bolts, or the motor mounts for the drive and weapon. I haven’t decided what to make the shell out of yet - aluminium might be the easiest option, if it weighs less than the...

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