The Original Four

In Robot Wars Series 1, there were only four house robots - Shunt, Matilda, Sergeant Bash and Dead Metal.


  • Weight: 105kg
  • Length: 130cm
  • Width: 110cm
  • Height: 70cm
  • Speed: 10mph

Shunt may be a bit light on the weight side, but his Axe is one of the best out there and can put holes in even the toughest of body shells. He is a two wheel drive robot built way back for robot wars series 1 and has been in the show ever since.

He can drag a fully loaded land rover car to a speed of 5 mph. He uses a pair of very grippy go-cart wheels to help him push the other robots around more. Shunt may be the lightest house robot but he is certainly no push over and can destroy any robot that stands in his way.

He is armed with a pneumatic scoop and a fierce Axe powerful enough to split a robot in two. Shunt's extremely resilient structure and low profile ensure that he can take just about anything thrown at him.


  • Weight: 116kg
  • Length: 140cm
  • Width: 66cm
  • Height: 66cm
  • Speed: 8mph

Matilda was based on an outer space pig thing that Chris Renolds, designer of the house robots thought would make a good robot. At first she had a chainsaw that didn't do much damage but it was replaced in the 5th war by a 27kg flywheel that did a lot more damage. Like Dead Metal and Shunt, she uses go-cart wheels for grip and is powered by a pair of 24v electric motors that give good pushing power.

In the earlier series she was the only house bot that could be relied upon to drive in a straight line! This made her the natural choice of house robot for the 'joust', one of the games in the earlier series.

Her weaponry is the flywheel mentioned above, and a pair of very powerful pneumatic flipping tusks at the front. After the 4th wars she was completely re-built after Razer destroyed her at the end of the Southern Annihilator!

Sgt Bash

Sgt Bash
  • Weight: 120kg
  • Length: 140cm
  • Width: 90cm
  • Height: 90cm
  • Speed: 5mph

Sgt bash has the only flame thrower in Robot Wars and uses it to great affect. For back up weaponry he is also armed with a pair of hydraulic cutting claws which have 8 tons of force on the tip, and a little cutting disk at the back, although this is never used anymore.

He uses special wheels with extra deep military treads, which provide excellent grip on the floor of the arena. He is also powered by 24v motors and a big gas tank for his flame thrower.

He is quite heavy at 120kg and is also one of the slowest house robots but his tough fiber glass shell protects him well. One of the biggest problems with him is that he has a really long wheel base and has a huge ground clearance so he is very easily flipped.

Dead Metal

Dead Metal
  • Weight: 112kg
  • Length: 160cm
  • Width: 100cm
  • Height: 70cm
  • Speed: 12mph

Dead Metal was one of the best designed house robots, mainly because he is virtually impossible to flip and has some excellent weaponry. It consists of a pair of pneumatic pincers at the front that can close in the blink of an eye, and a fierce some circular saw that spins at over 3000 rpm (revs per minute) It is powered by a petrol engine but his drive is powered by 24 volt electric motors.

He, like shunt uses go-cart wheels to provide maximum grip on the slippery arena. Perhaps his only weakness is that he has very little armour round the sides defending him and would be easily damaged by a competitor that could out-maneuver him.