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New Website Arriving February 1st

Yes, its really happening this time!

I am pleased to announce that our all new website will be arriving on Monday 1st February 2010!

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Temporary Site Closure December 2009

Due to the imminent launch of the new website, this one will close sometime near the end of 2009 to allow the necessary changes to be made on the web server.

Please be aware the site may not be accessible for several days around the end of December (this should not affect the Antweight Wiki).

But in the mean time... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :-)

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A Long Overdue Update

Web Site News

It has been a long while since the last update, as I have been busy working on a brand new website that I want to launch at the start of 2009.

It is a great deal of work, as I am essentially rewriting the whole website from scratch. It has been about four years since the website had a major overhaul, so everything is being improved and made better!

Due to this, we also missed our 5th birthday celebrations, which will now happen when the new site is launched in 2009. It will be a long wait, but in the end it will hopefully be worth it.

General Robot Combat News

We are now down to the last three events of the year, two events by Robots Live, and the winter tour final by Roaming Robots. For details, see our live events calender on the home page.

Roaming Robots have recently started a live webcam feed from their even...

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Site Updates

It has been a while since the last update, but today the events RSS list has been updated and now contains all the known events from both Robots Live and Roaming Robots for the rest of the year.

The site is being prepared for a major update which will take place in late July to celebrate five years since the website first launched. Various improvements will be made, including an updated look, as well as new and rewritten content. In particular, the Antweights and Robotics sections will be expanded with more useful pages.

I am also looking at including more videos on the site, as well as expanding on some of the popular features already in place, such as the RSS feeds.

Also in July, I will be looking back at how the site has changed since it launched five years ago and uploading the original design from 2003 so everyone can laugh look at it.

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Events RSS Feed Update

The events RSS feed has now been updated to work with Roaming Robots' new website. The event links should now work again, and it has updated to include the Guildford event in May.

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