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Robot Wars on Dave from 2nd August

Repeats of Robot Wars Extreme (Series 1) will start to air on the TV channel Dave from Monday 2nd of August 2010. Starting at 9am, the episodes will be repeated at 2pm and 6pm (and an hour later respectively on Dave Ja Vu).

From the Dave website: "Home-made robots slogging it out in an arena - the aim, to destroy the opposition and land the ultimate accolade, to be the winner of Robot Wars. Let the mayhem begin!".

More information on the show and when it is scheduled to air on Dave can be found on Dave's website.

Tune in Monday 2nd of August, 9am/2pm/6pm to catch the first episode!

UPDATE 23rd October 2010:

Dave has changed when it shows Robot Wars, please see this blog post for more information!

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RoboCup 2010 set to begin in Singapore

While human footballers will be taking part in the FIFA World Cup tournament in South Africa this June, teams of autonomous robots will be competing in Singapore to lift the trophy in the robotic equivalent, RoboCup.

Running since 1997, RoboCup allows people to build fully autonomous (they operate without any human intervention) teams of robotic football players. The tournament aims to educate and promote research into Artificial Intelligence in a fun way.

RoboCup 2010 will be held at the Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre, 9th - 25th June, 2010. You can find more information on RoboCup 2010 at and more information on RoboCup in general at

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Robots Compete in RoboGames 2010

Over 500 robots from 17 countries have been competing in California, for this years RoboGames. The event, billed as the "Robot Olympics" is one of the largest live events in the world and features many different types of robot, that compete in various competitions such as combat, football, hockey and sumo. Each event awards medals to the best performing robots in that category.

RoboGames in held every year in America and has gained popularity amongst audiences and roboteers for not only including combat robots, but also ones designed for other purposes. The variety and number of robots on display at the event has attracted news coverage from all over the world.

Below is a video from showing highlights from this years games, and an overview of what makes a winning robot. You can see all of the action and find out more about RoboGames events on the offic...

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Robot Wars: Top 10 Greatest Upsets Part 2

This is part two of our top ten round up of what we think are the greatest upsets ever in Robot Wars. Part one was posted earlier in the week, so if you missed it you can catch up by clicking the link below:

» Robot Wars: Top 10 Greatest Upsets Part 1

5. Cassius vs Panic Attack (Series 2)

Cassius was by far the favourite to win Robot Wars Series 2, it was built by the same team who reached the Series 1 grand final with Recyclopse and was the first UK robot to successfully self-right in battle using its flipper arm. The Panic Attack team considered themselves very lucky to have reached the grand final in the first place, after having to run a second playoff gauntlet round in the semi-final to narrowly beat Mace. Nobody thought that the simple box design of Panic Attack could beat th...

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Robot Wars: Top 10 Greatest Upsets Part 1

There were many great upsets on Robot Wars, as the unpredictable nature of the competition meant that it was never easy to predict the outcome of a battle. Viewers were reminded of this time and time again throughout the shows history, as many fights didn't go the way the majority of the audience was expecting them to. This is our top ten list of what we think were the greatest upsets ever. Videos have been included where possible so you can judge for yourself!

This is part one counting down battles ten to six, for places five down to one, continue reading part two by clicking the link below:

» Robot Wars: Top 10 Greatest Upsets Part 2

10. Mace vs Chaos (Series 2)

Chaos was the predecessor to the highly successful twice UK Champion Chaos 2. The team had previous experie...

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Robot Wars Gadget Show Writeup

RoboChallenge have posted a writeup of yesterday's episode of The Gadget Show, in which presenters Jason Bradbury and Ortis Deley were tasked with building the ultimate fighting robot. The Gadget Show robot faced three of the best Featherweights in the country, and although it suffered multiple technical problems throughout the show they emerged victorious in the end, winning two out three fights.

The official writeup can be found on the RoboChallenge website, and you can also see the whole episode on the Gadget Show website.

The Robot Wars episode was warmly received, and within minutes of it airing on Five, the term "Robot...

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Robot Wars on the Gadget Show

RoboChallenge will be appearing with some well known Featherweight robots on the Gadget Show this Monday (15th March). Two Gadget Show presenters are challenged to build the toughest robot possible to take on the RoboChallenge robots in a Robot Wars style contest.

Be sure to watch Channel Five, at 8:00pm Monday 15th March 2010 to catch all the action!

A preview of the show is available below:

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Website News & Updates!

There have been various small changes and additions to the website since it launched. Many spelling mistakes and grammatical errors have been corrected! From now on, we are hoping to update the website approximately twice a month. This will hopefully avoid the past situations where the site has been updated with new stuff multiple times in a single week and then had nothing added for several months.

In the first of these updates, new pages have been added to the Bobblebot section in Our Robots. This includes the original build diary, which we kept when we built Bobblebot back in 2004, as well the original concept ideas for the robot. More updates are planned here in the future, including a complete technical rundown of all the components used in Bobblebot. The Robot Wars and Antweights section have also seen general updates, but there are plans to expand the information...

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New Website Finally Launches!

Well, it's taken over two years but the new website is finally here! It was a little later than planned due to unforeseen server problems, but all the main areas of the site should be now be online and working. This is the first of two phases in the re-launch. Currently, all the content is near identical to previous versions of the site. Phase 2 will result in most of the pages being rewritten and updated to reflect the many changes that occurred in the roboteering world since they were first written. This process will take place over the next few weeks, so expect pages to change quite a bit in that period! To find out more about the changes, and the ones that have already been made, read on...

What's Changed So Far?

Quite a lot! The biggest difference is the new look the website has been given. The new site takes inspiration from the earlier versions of B...

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Due to unforeseen technical issues the new website isn't going to make it up today. No guarantees as to when it might be online, but it should definitely be before the end of the week!

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